2021-05-12 Product Release



  1. The Deposit Request email shows additional details including the Deal property address. Now, when you receive notifications for earnest money deposits, email messaging will include additional context as to which property.

    What’s in it for you?
    Clarity in the form of an email.  Experience a straightforward notification process that updates you with everything you need to know about a deposit request. It’s also great for someone unfamiliar with Zipi who receives the request — no one likes to feel out of the loop. 


  2. When creating Payments Received or Payments Made, the Invoices/Bills associated to the Customer/Vendor have been consolidated into the following status options:
    - Partially Paid 
    - Open
    - Overdue

    What’s in it for you?
    A simplified selection process. Previously, when you received a payment and applied it to an open invoice, the options included every. possible. invoice. regardless if it was paid one year ago. Now, associate the Customer/Vendor to a streamlined trio of relevant Invoices/Bills options.

Bug Fixes


Fixed: DA details were changing between the draft and the final version at deal approval. The error has been eliminated so that values are locked in place to ensure accuracy.  If there’s one thing you can’t be wrong about it, it’s money.
Fixed: Financial transfers did not have Disbursement Instructions listed, even with the Disbursement Instructions toggle enabled, as a separate line item on the DA.
Fixed: The amounts on the Disbursements card, DA, and Payouts tab were not matching. Inconsistencies have been eliminated in those areas — accuracy is the name of the game. 
Fixed: Default Payout options (Pay at Closing/ Pay at Remaining) were switching at deal creation/edit. These compensation rules will now match identically to the deal. 
Fixed: Trade sheet details, which show a dollar-by-dollar breakdown of a deal, were missing some product line items. 


Fixed: When editing or creating a division, the Save/Create button being disabled if the Allow this entity to Conduct Transactions toggle was disabled.
Fixed: Disabled Revoke Access for Profiles that were not the logged in user or did not have the Not Invited status.


Fixed: Not being able to save SkySlope credentials when auto-create is disabled. Now, log-in credentials are saved all the time in Zipi’s secure, cloud-based system.



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