How to Add Payment Details to Contacts for Brokers

  1. In the left navigation menu, go to Contacts


  2. This takes you to the Contacts page


  3. Edit the Contact you want to add the payment details for and navigate to the Payment Methods tab. 


Receive Money from Contact

  1. If you want to charge the Contact, click Add Contact Payment Method under Receive Money (from Contact)


    Note: If the Contact enters this information themselves, they can remove access to this from the broker
  2. This opens, click the card


  3. This will open the Add Credit Card pop-up where you can add the credit card details


  4. On successfully adding the credit card details, you should see it under Receive Money


  5. Update the Contact to save the card details
    Note: Once added, Zipi will begin processing any outstanding transactions. Please ensure that all invoices connected to this Contact are up to date before completing this process.
  6. When the agent logs into their My Business Account, they should see the card added for the brokerage Contact


  7. By default the Contact can Initialize Payment is checked, if the agent unchecks it, the broker will not be able to charge the agent. 



  8. You have the option to Disconnect the card, this will keep the card details but not charge the agent

Send Money to Contact

  1. If you want to send money to the Contact, click Add Credit Card or Add Bank Account under Pay Money (to Contact). With this option you can pay others through Zipi Pay even if they don't have a Zipi Pay account


Add Credit Card

Note: This option will only work for Contacts that have the cloud icon on their Contact card. This means the Contact is part of Zipi. For Agents, it means they have a My Business account and for Vendors, it means they have access to the Customer Portal.


The steps to add the credit card are the same as mentioned under Receive Money from Contact

Add Bank Account

  1. Click Add Bank Account to add bank account details

    Note: Receivers must provide a US business bank account. EFT transfers to personal or consumer accounts will not be accepted.


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