2021-04-26 Product Release


New Features

  1. Zipi now has a Membership report. It lets you view any Organization(s) (and all associated Organization data) that members of your Brokerage are associated with. This will allow you to review important date(s), such as upcoming expiration dates, and licenses associated with members of your Team. The report contains the following data:
    • Contact
    • Email
    • Category
    • Anniversary Date
    • Hire Date
    • Termination Date
    • Organization
    • Number
    • Expiration Date
    • Dues Responsibility
    • Type


  1. Your Division My Business account permissions extend your Company permissions
  2. We have right aligned all numbers on the Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  3. Text participants for deals synced with SkySlope will not be transferred to the dual deal in Zipi

Bug Fixes


Fixed: Preview card only updating on Save & Close
Fixed: Preview card listing income and expenses twice
Fixed: Deleted dual deals appearing in global search results.
Fixed: Not being able to add decimal values to the Commission ($) field
Fixed: The Condensed Trade Sheet not generating
Fixed: The numbers on the DA, Payouts, and Disbursement cards not matching
Fixed: The agent card not showing the breakdown for referrals 


Fixed: "No eligible branch for adjusting money split" error on creating deals in SkySlope through Zipi



Fixed: Product report showing duplicate deals



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