Categorizing & Matching Transactions & Bank Reconciliation


The Banking Module will help you track all of your bank feed along with your transactions inside of Zipi so that you can categorize and match your transactions and then reconcile your bank account.

Before you start
Please ensure you add any bank accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, trust accounts) associated with your business and activate each bank feed to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information. 

In this article, we will cover:

The Bank Feed

The Bank Feed is a collection of all of the transactions occurring within your bank account outside of Zipi. You will have the ability to categorize and/or match any of the transactions in your Bank Feed.

  1. In the left navigation menu, go to Banking > Select Bank Account


  2. This takes you to the Bank Feed for the account you selected


Categorize or Match a Transaction

  1. You can select any transaction within your Bank Feed and either categorize or match the transaction. If you opt to Match the transaction, a list of transactions currently in Zipi will appear to the right of the transaction you’ve selected


  2. To Match a transaction, check the box next to the transaction and select Match on the bottom left hand corner


    Note: If the amount of the transaction in your bank feed does not match the transaction amount you are trying to match it to, you will see a “pending” balance and can select + Add Adjustment to adjust the amount

  3. To Categorize a transaction, select the transaction you want to categorize and choose Categorize manually


  4. Select the drop down to choose a Category from the available options


  5. Once you’ve selected your Category, be sure to complete all of the required fields and then select Create

Note: All required fields will have an asterisk next to the field name

Zipi Transactions

Within the Bank Feed you will see an option to view Transactions. This is a list of all the transactions that have occurred inside of the Zipi Platform. 

  1. Select Transactions (Not Matched) to the right of the Bank Feed


  2. You can filter between Transactions Not Matched, Not Reconciled, Matched, Reconciled or All by clicking on the drop down arrow next to Transactions (Not Matched)


  3. Select any of the Transactions listed to view the Payment associated with the Transaction


  4. You can also manually add a transaction here by selecting + Add Transaction and selecting the type of transaction from the drop down list


  5. Fill out all required fields and select Create



  1. To Reconcile your Bank Feed, select Reconciliation to the right of Transactions (Not Matched) and select Reconcile


  2. Input all required information and select Start Reconciliation


  3. You can then save this as a Draft or Cancel to start a new Reconciliation




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