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Insights Dashboard

  • Widget - A mini Reporting Tool that can be used to track Agent Caps, Deals by Status, Income Goals and several other categories for the current day, week, month or year.
  • Board - Boards allow you to organize your Insights Dashboard. You can create as many Boards as you’d like to track Widgets for Top Producers, Different Offices, Individual Agents, etc.


Deals Module

  • Deal Statuses 

      • Opportunity - This would be considered a deal that is coming soon that you’d like to create a placeholder for; create Opportunities for upcoming deals to help forecast your income over the next 60-90 days.
      • Active - This is a deal that has officially been listed and/or is on the market.
      • Pending - This would be a deal that has accepted an offer and is under contract/in escrow.
      • Closed - This is a deal that has closed escrow.
      • Processed - This indicates that all payments have been made (from escrow and the company to any sales entities associated with the deal) and recorded in Zipi.
      • Cancelled - This is for any deals that have been cancelled; Zipi considers this an “Archived” deal.
  • Disbursement Cards

    • Company - This refers to the brokerage whom the Zipi Account belongs.
    • Primary Agent (Sales Entity) - This is the main Agent on the deal.
    • Agent (Sales Entity)- This is any additional Agents on the deal.
    • Transfer (Deal Participant)- This is any additional Participant(s) on the deal (i.e. Transaction Coordinator, Mentor, etc.).
  • Source of Business - This is a trigger we can set up in Zipi in order to track your leads and find your #1 Source of Business.
  • Base Commission - The sales price X commission percentage on the deal.
  • Gross Commission - The sales price X commission percentage plus or minus any additional commission.
  • Pay at Closing - When an Agent or any other Sales Entity should be paid when the deal closes from Escrow.
  • Pay at Remaining - When the Company takes in the full commission from Escrow and then disburses funds to the Agent or any other Sales Entity on the deal.


Contacts Module

    • Contact - This can be an Agent, Client, Vendor, etc. A Contact should be created for anyone whose information you’d like to store in Zipi, but does not need to have access to your Zipi account.
    • Compensation Attributes(aka Wild Card or Custom Attribute in Zipi) - This is a way to associate a specific Contact with another. For example, if you want to associate a Mentor to their Mentee, you would navigate to the Mentee’s Contact Record and add the Mentor as a Compensation Attribute.
    • Commission Calculation Modifiers - This can be used to manually modify an Agent’s deal count, company split contribution, sales volume, etc. in accordance with their Commission Plan to make the correct adjustments for capping mechanisms.
  • Portal Access

    • Allow Sales & Purchases Documents to be Viewed in Portal - Check this box if you would like your Agent’s to have access to view any Invoices and/or Bills you create and send to them in their My Business Account. If this box is left unchecked, they will still receive a notification via email, but will not see the Invoice and/or Bill in their My Business Account.
  • Notes - This is a place to record public notes about a Contact. Anyone who has permissions to see the Contact and their Notes will be able to see Notes made by another user that also has the same access.
  • Records - This is a place to record private notes about a Contact. You can also upload important documents to be associated with the Contact here as well.


Sales Module

  • Invoice - Create an Invoice when you need to charge someone either inside or outside of Zipi.
  • Customer - This is the receiver of the invoice - the person that is being charged.
  • Sales Person - This is the sender of the invoice - the person who the invoice is coming from.


Purchases Module

  • Bills - Create a Bill for any future payments you need to make (i.e. phone bill, agent commission, etc.)
  • Expenses - Create an Expense for any historical payments you need to record that did not happen in Zipi (i.e. taking a client out for dinner, donations, etc.)


Lending Module

  • Advances - Any Commission Advance that the Company is giving to an Agent prior to the Agent receiving their Commission.
  • Garnishments - Any Commission Advance that is being given to the Agent on behalf of a third-party prior to the Agent receiving their Commission.


Company Module

  • Directory

    • Profile - A Profile should be created for anyone who needs needs to have access to your company in Zipi  (i.e. Agents, Bookkeepers, Accountants, Brokers, Admin, etc.)
    • Division - This translates to location or office. Divisions should be set up when the Company operates multiple locations/offices under one EIN.
    • Group - This allows you to tie multiple members to one Group in Zipi for Invoicing and Commission Plan purposes. Some examples of Groups would be 80/20 Split, Agent Dues Group or $199 Fee Group.
    • Role - This is the Role the Profile holds within your Company (i.e. Agent, Broker, Admin, etc.)

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