Managing the SkySlope Integration


In this article we will look at the Company Settings for SkySlope. We will cover:

Note: To have access to the SkySlope Company Settings, the SkySlope permission under Marketplace needs to be checked in Roles


Adding SkySlope to the Navigation Menu

Once you have activated SkySlope for your company, you will have the option to add the SkySlope Integration to your navigation menu. 

  1. In the left navigation menu, go to Marketplace


  2. This will take you to the Activated add-ons tab, enable the Display in Main Navigation toggle on the SkySlope card


  3. Once the toggle in enabled, you should see the SkySlope Integration in the navigation menu


SkySlope Integration Page

  1. Clicking SkySlope Integration on the navigation menu will take you to the Connected Users page


Filter Connected Users

You can filter your users based on their connected status. 

  1. Click the Connected Status dropdown on the top left of your screen


  2. Choose the status to sort by:
    1. All: shows all the users in your company
    2. Activated: shows users that have activated SkySlope
    3. Connected: shows users that have connected to a SkySlope account
    4. N/A: shows users that have not activated SkySlope


  3. You will now see users with the selected connected status


Search Users

  1. You can search for users by their profile name


Disconnect Users

Note: This can only be done for users that have the status Connected. 
  1. Filter your users by the Connected status
  2. Click Disconnect for the user you want to disconnect 


  3. Once disconnected, the user will no longer have access to the SkySlope add-on in Zipi


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