SkySlope Individual Settings


Individual Settings are available for everyone who has activated the SkySlope add-on. 

To access your individual settings, follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to the profile icon at the top right of your screen


  2. Select Apps from the dropdown


  3. Click Settings on the SkySlope card


  4. This will take you to the Individual Settings page


  5. You have the following options here:
    • SkySlope Credentials: You can edit your SkySlope credentials here
    • Auto-Create: This option lets you auto-create any new deals in SkySlope in Zipi
    • Manually Syncing Deals
      • Default Office: You can select your default office. This will be used by default for all manually synced deals
      • Default Agent Profile: You can select your default agent. This will be used by default for all manually synced deals


  1. To turn on this feature, enable the toggle
    Note: This auto-create will not work if auto-create is turned on company wide.


    Note: Draft deals created here will not be synced as dual deals in Zipi.

  2. This lets you add the trigger(s) for auto-creation


  3. Any deal that meets these conditions will be auto-created in Zipi. You have the following options:


    • SkySlope Office: You can choose one or multiple SkySlope offices
    • Transaction Type: You can choose Listing, Sale, or both
    • Transaction Status: You can choose between the different SkySlope statuses
    • Enable Notifications: Enabling this option means you get a notification every time a deal is auto-created in Zipi


  4. Once you have created you trigger, click Save & Go To Zipi
    Note: Auto-create runs every 5 minutes


  5. Any new deals in SkySlope that meet the criteria will now be auto-created in Zipi

Manually Syncing Deals

This option lets you choose your default office and agent for when you push a deal to SkySlope.

Note: This option only works when the primary agent on the deal in Zipi is not an agent in SkySlope.  


Every time you push an existing deal from Zipi to SkySlope, these fields will be auto-populated. 








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