2021-03-26 Product Release


Public Features

No Splits Given

Easily convert an agent to deal participant with a few clicks. If someone is not splitting (%) the responsibility of the deal with the primary agent they are considered a Deal Participant. E.g. referral agent, transaction coordinator, mentor, etc.


Beta Features 

Just Tag It

We have added the feature of auto-tags for deals. This allows for the automatic labelling of deals based on specific conditions. Read more at: Auto-tags


Deja Vu 

Rid the confusion and clutter by combining duplicate contacts. All details including locations, payroll information, finances, and records merge as well. Read more at: Merge Contacts


We have added the following features for profiles:

  • Select All: This check box lets you select all the profiles in your brokerage.

  • Bulk Actions: this option lets you send invites to profiles, add profiles to groups and divisions in bulk.

    Note: The Create New Profile button is greyed out if you select multiple profiles.

    • Filters: this option lets you filter profiles based on:
      • Status
      • Role
      • Division
      • Group


  1. We have updated Zipi so that a referring agent added in SkySlope without an email shows in the referring from agent or referring to agent field in Zipi.

  2. We have updated Zipi so that you can search Payments Made using check numbers.

  3. We have updated Zipi so that any changes you make to a contact's details are synced with SkySlope.

Bug Fixes


Fixed: We have fixed the error "Cannot read property 'contact_person_id' of undefined" when a contact is updated in a different tab.


Fixed: If you had issues with the infinite scroll not working for group members, it has been fixed.


Fixed: If you had issues using Bulk Actions to delete sent invoices, it has been fixed.



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