How to Merge Contacts

Merge contacts is a great way to manage your Zipi data. It allows you to combine information that appears to be duplicate in nature.
Note: This is currently a Beta feature that requires activation in order to be used. Please contact your Zipi Customer Success representative for assistance

Merging Contacts

  1. Check the box next to the contacts you want to merge, this will show you the Bulk action button

  2. Click Bulk actions and select Merge Contacts

  3. This opens the Merge Contacts popup. You will select your primary contact record here. The primary record is the record Zipi will keep.

  4. Select your primary contact record and click Merge

  5. You will now see a message at the bottom right of your screen saying the process is in progress

  6. On successfully merging the contacts you will see a success message at the bottom right of your screen and the page will refresh

  7. You will now only see the contact you chose as your primary contact record in the Contacts list

  8. When contacts are merged, the following details are merged as well:
    • Details
    • Locations
    • Payroll Information
    • Finances
    • Records
  9. When you merge two profiles, the following happens:
    • The merged profile is deleted
    • The primary contact record will replace the merged profile on deals
    • Custom attributes will be merged

Unmerging Contacts

You have the option to unmerge contacts after they have been merged.
  1. Click the unmerge icon on the primary contact record's card

  2. This will open the Manage Merged Contacts pop-up

  3. Click the Actions button and select Restore Contact

  4. You will see a success message at the bottom right of your screen

  5. On successfully unmerging, you will see a success message and the page will reload

  6. You will now see both contacts 



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