2021-03-12 Product Release


New Features

  1. We have updated our widgets to add a custom date range.
  2. We have added the ability to use OAuth, an industry standard authentication protocol through Plaid for banks that provide such authentication (e.g. Chase, Wells Fargo, Capital One). blobid0.png
  3. We have updated Zipi, so that:
    • Deal participants with no email can be added from SkySlope to Zipi
    • This deal participant will be visible on the trade sheet
    • You can click the visibility icon to ignore or hide the participant. This will not show the deal participant on
      • The trade sheet
      • The disbursement document
      • The view deal page
    • You can click on the participant name to add them as a contact to Zipi. Any updates made here will be reflected in SkySlope


  1. When a role is deleted, the user's permissions in their brokerage account update accordingly. If a user had multiple roles, the user loses access to the modules from the deleted role.
  2. We have updated Zipi so that:
    • On deleting the default deal board, Zipi sets the All Deals board to default
    • If there is no All Deals board, Zipi creates one when the default board is removed
  3. We have updated Zipi so that you can choose your commission payer from the following deal participants:
    • Seller
    • Buyer
    • Closing Company (default)
  4. You can now search for company names in SkySlope with even a single character.
  5. We have updated Zipi so that sub-titles in Zipi for deal participants(title contact or attorney contact) are synced in SkySlope.

Bug Fixes

  1. If you had issues with adding royalties to deal manually or through a compensation profile, it has been fixed.
  2. If you had issues with flat fees based on deal splits not working, it has been fixed.
  3. If you were seeing duplicate sales entities on the Disbursement card, it has been fixed.
  4. If you had deal participants disappearing when a commission payer was selected, it has been fixed.
  5. If you had issues with adding divisions that can conduct transactions as sales entities to a deal, it has been fixed.
  6. If a user's role changes in Zipi, the changes will not be reflected in SkySlope.



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