Common SkySlope Errors


Agents don't have users matched users in Zipi


This means that one of the participants on the deal does not have a profile in Zipi. You need to add them as a user to continue. The user that has the toggle next to their name is the one you need to add. 


Enable the toggle and you will see the Create New Profile popup blobid2.png

Selecting no access will create the user's profile, but will not invite them to Zipi

Selecting invite user will send an invite to Zipi to the user via email

When you create the profile:

  • The toggle will disappear
  • You will see the green checkmarks at the top


Agent with email does not exist in SkySlope


You may run into this error when you give preference to Zipi. You need to create an agent in SkySlope with this email. This can be done in your SkySlope account.

Agent with email does not exist in Zipi


You may run into this error if you give preference to SkySlope. You need to create a profile with this email in Zipi. This can be done from the above page by switching the toggle next to the user ON and entering the user's first name, last name and email address.


If you opt to create a new user in Zipi, they will show up in your Company Directory under Profiles



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