2021-02-21 Product Release



  1. We have updated the CDA Disbursement Text element in Rules and added a Display Payouts Table toggle, when disabled the DA does not show the table, Date, and Approved By.
  2. We have now added sorting for more of our headers
  3. We have updated Zipi so that:
    • If you change the status of your deal type in Zipi, the transaction type in Dotloop will not change. If you change the transaction type in the Dotloop loop, the deal type will not change in Zipi.
    • We have updated Zipi so that when you go to Dotloop or SkySlope, you see the All tab instead of Changes.

Bug Fixes

  1. If you had issues with removing locations from the Contact card, it has been fixed now.
  2. If you had issues with deals percentages not applying correctly when the primary agent is part of a plan that splits the deal with another participant, we have fixed it. 
  3. If you had issues with editing entities in your 1099 reports, we have fixed it.


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