Manually Creating Draft Deals (Draft vs. Make Open)


Drafts let you create placeholder deals when you have very limited information. With draft deals you can create deals that don't have all the required fields filled out. The only required field is the deal name. As long as the deal is a draft, you cannot apply compensation structures or view the disbursement authorization PDF

  1. Go to Deals


  2. Click Create


  3. Enter the deal name as it is a required field


  4. Click Create Deal


  5. You will see popup informing you that this is a draft deal, if you don't want to add further changes, click Save


  6. You will see Draft on the deals summary page


When you have more information on the deal, you can make it open.

To make a deal open, follow these steps:

  1. Edit your draft deal
  2. Click Make Open


  3. To make the deal Open, you will need to enter:
    • Deal type
    • Closing date


    Note: If you clicked Make Open by mistake - you'll be able to revert it back to Draft by clicking Revert to Draft. You can only revert to draft if you haven't saved any changes.
  4. Save the changes and it will now be an open deal


  5. You will now be able to apply compensation structures and view the disbursement PDF.
    Note: Unless you have the Sales Price, you will not be able to open the disbursement even if you see the View Disbursement button.



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